On-premise and Cloud Integrations

Centralize your data


The FleetOps platform has out of the box integrations with multiple TMS, tracking, maintenance and accounting packages. Whether your data is on a local server or in the cloud FleetOps brings it all seamlessly together in one lightening fast, secure platform.

Why have IT waste their time exporting excel files from every system when you can have the answers live and ready to go in one platform?

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Goals & KPI's

Empower your team


Imagine what your team can do when everyone understands what matters most and can see how they impact company performance - in real time.

Go beyond pretty pictures and static dashboards. Make clear the KPI's for everyone and everything in your business so staff feel in control of their performance.

No end of quarter surprises! 

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Customized, No-code Dashboards

Democratize your data

Fleetops Democratize Your Data

Nobody knows your fleet better than you and your staff. So we've made it easy to deliver the right data to the right people at the right time.

Let low level utilization metrics drive dispatch while your c-level team focuses on top-down revenue and margins in the boardroom. Meanwhile, keep your sales staff informed with quality-of-service metrics, available at their fingertips before they walk on-site with customers.

With our out of the box dashboards or customized deep analytics, you'll gain insights in minutes not weeks.  

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The FleetOps team have been building hardware & software solutions for Carrier Fleets since the early 2000's. We've seen first hand the explosion of data in the industry because... well, we created a lot of it!

We believe actionable business intelligence is the next logical next step for us and the carrier fleets we work with. We want to  simplify and make sense of the data you already have and help you use it to your advantage.

That means building a platform that's super fast, incredibly secure & most of all a pleasure to use. Exactly what we love doing...